OLX alternatives in Pakistan

Editors May 19, 2022

OLX alternatives in Pakistan

Is there any OLX alternative in Pakistan that is reliable and not strict like OLX?

There are hundreds of alternatives to OLX in Pakistan and most of them are reliable. The tricky thing is getting your ads published on those platforms as they are putting many hurdles just like OLX to get your products in front of a vast audience from around the country.

After understanding this and deciding to give Pakistani people a warm hug for promoting their services, posting free ads, selling old stuff, and doing whatever they can think of in the categories of selling online or buying online, we come up with the idea of Dastiab.com.

Yes, the best alternative to OLX is our own Dastiab.com which is free and new platform to sell/buy things online.

However, there are other alternatives to OLX in Pakistan also available. Check a list of free alternatives to OLX in Pakistan:

  1. Locanto
  2. Dastiab
  3. Rulgaye
  4. Adpost
  5. pkr.com.pk
  6. Lelo
  7. Bolee
  8. Seekkr
  9. Sabbechdo
  10. Paksalespoint
  11. Adverts
  12. Pakpubs
  13. Baichdey
  14. Izloo
  15. Becho
  16. Adswall
  17. Trovit
  18. Pakwheels
  19. Adbyu
  20. Darwazo
  21. Localads
  22. Pubjabads
  23. Adhoards
  24. Dealmarkaz
  25. Dealkar
  26. Hellopk
  27. Pobts
  28. Salebaba
  29. Yalwa

There are many other free classified websites in Pakistan that you can search and post ads for free.

So go now and post free classified ads in Pakistan.

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